Colour temperature is measured in ‘Kelvins’ ranging from orange tones, yellow tones, whites to bluish whites. The lower the degrees Kelvin the warmer the colour, the higher the degrees Kelvin the cooler the colour.

We strongly recommend to all of our clients to use 3000K to 3500K, we call this a vibrant warm white. It is a beautiful tone of light colour that represents all the colours equally, makes reds appear vibrant as well as blues. It also is very flattering to people’s skin, imitating the golden hour, the most sought after photography and cinematography time. The golden hour is shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset where the colour temperature reaches around 3000K-3500K, this warmer colour is considered the most desirable to enhance
colors of the scene.

Any cooler of a colour temperature for example around 5000K you will start to significantly dull reds, oranges and yellow tones, any colour warmer than 3000K such as 2700K (mimicking incandescent light) you will start to dull greens, blues and purple tones. 4000K immitates cool white fluorescent light.