Who Are We?

We are very excited to introduce you to Glimmer Lighting

Creative idea concept - miniature photographer with vintage light bulb on open paper notebook

With the collaborative efforts of Mike Bentien, Rob Farr and Peter Tischler, Glimmer Lighting was born. The trio worked directly with manufactures to create a diverse product line of high quality LED Bulbs that will meet the requirements of clients in all aspects of lighting.

Mike Bentien has been in the lighting business since 1984, and started his own Lighting Design Business in 1994. Mike is a Certified Lighting Consultant, recognized by the American Lighting Association. He’s earned certificates from the Illuminating Engineering Society, American Lighting Association, and many other recognized Lighting Institute Certifications. He’s also a Lighting Design instructor at Okanagan College.

Mike’s portfolio includes new construction or renovations for residential and commercial projects all over North America, Europe, Australia, and many other countries.

Mike has found that a high percentage of LED products on the market do not meet the required lighting levels or colour temperatures to solve our clients’ needs, but a client would need a lighting course to understand things such as “Lumen output” “Colour temperature” “Efficacy” etc.

So with Mike’s expertise in the lighting industry, Rob’s marketing skills and Peter’s experience in the financial business aspects, they are proud to take the new Glimmer line to market at a competitive price.